André Covas (1987, Portugal) is a multidisciplinary graphic designer specialized in user interface design, corporate image, editorial and poster design.
He is a senior designer at united by (Porto, Portugal), and teaches in the UX/UI Design course at EDIT Design School
He is also a musician, working in both solo and collaborative projects.


andrelgcovas (at)
+351 935 639 028


Senior Designer at United By (Miguel Palmeiro Designer)
March 2015 - present
User Interface teacher at EDIT. - Disruptive Digital Education
September 2014 - present
Art-Director at Expedição Exhibition Programme
February 2013 - November 2015
Mobile Senior Team Manager & Head of Mobile; 
UX/UI Designer at ALERT Life Sciences Computing, S.A. 
April 2012 - February 2015
Art-Director at SEMIBREVE Festival
June 2011 - present
Co-Founder & Art-Director at PAD record label
January 2011 - present
Freelance Writer at O Conspirador - Red Bull Music Academy
October 2010 - February 2011
Freelance writer/editor at Vice Portugal Lda
July 2009 - February 2011
Graphic and UX/UI designer at ALERT Life Sciences Computing, S.A.
March 2009 - April 2012
Freelance Designer
June 2008 - present


Open Studio Campanice
Video and music in collaboration with Carmo Azeredo, group exhibition
Campanice, Porto, 2018
Design, group exhibition
Galeria do Sol & Maus Hábitos, Porto, 2017-2018
15 Minutos de Fama
Video and music in collaboration with Carmo Azeredo
Extéril, Porto, 2017
The Medium Is Not The Message
Curatorship in collaboration with José Alberto Gomes, design
Maus Hábitos, Porto, 2017
DTT - Desejo Tensão e Transição, Experimenta Design
Design, group exhibition
Casa do Design de Matosinhos, 2016
A Capacidade De Um Objecto-Lugar, Maia Art Biennale
Design, group exhibition
Fórum de Arte da Maia, 2015
Expedição: Dia Pirata
Design, group exhibition
Maus Hábitos, Porto, 2015
Floating Islands
Design, group exhibition
Cooperativa Árvore, Porto, 2015
Sub-40, Arte e artistas no Porto. Geração pós-25 de Abril
Design, group exhibition
Galeria Municipal do Porto, 2014-2015
20 vinte XX
Design, group exhibition
1ª Avenida, Porto, 2014
Expedição: Caixa Negra I
Maus Hábitos, Porto, 2014